My beloved friend, Marlena of Marlena’s Treats and I combined our superpowers to support a noble cause by participating in the 10km Fight for Cancer race. The weather was absolutely gorgeous on that first warm spring day, and I was ecstatic to see so many individuals joining the run or walk to support the cause.

The atmosphere was electric, and as we all warmed up together before embarking on the journey, we felt the positive energy surging through our veins. Keeping pace with Marlena, we were privileged to witness the stunning cityscape of Maastricht from a fresh perspective. Not only were fellow runners cheering each other on, but also onlookers lining the route were cheering for us.

Truthfully, I hadn’t run in a long time, and the last 3.5km was both mentally and physically challenging for me. Nonetheless, Marlena and I kept each other motivated and pushed through the discomfort. We ran like girls and felt empowered knowing that we were contributing to a worthwhile cause.

As we crossed the finish line, I collapsed onto the ground, exhausted yet euphoric. My body was spent, but my heart overflowed with joy. Marlena and I sat down to savor some coffee and hydrate after the race. The event managed to raise a whopping €110,000! It was awe-inspiring to witness so many people coming together on a Sunday afternoon to support such a beautiful cause.