Nina Massage

Swedish, Thai and deep tissue massage.

Fridays 9:00-16:00

Swedish massage includes kneading and long strokes. It’s flowy and rhythmic, generally for relaxation.

Deep tissue massage includes firm and deep pressure. It’s for chronic pain, muscle tightness and relaxation.

Thai massage includes yogic stretches, kneads and pressure points.

My sessions are personal – together we decide on areas of focus in line with your goals.

I grew up with a love for dancing and being outdoors. Six years ago I started climbing. My body gained strength and I found myself in a flow state while climbing. Shortly after, going through a difficult period, I felt the need to turn more inward and found comfort doing a daily yoga practice. Yoga gave me the insights of slowing down, feeling what my body needs and getting to know my body in new ways. I noticed the benefits of dynamic stretches, but also of soft and slow stretches. Increased flexibility helped me relieve pain. I became interested in mobility and muscles, and in learning about how the human body works, and started practicing massage with friends.

Massage to me is a way to help others tune into their body, to help feel what their body needs and what areas need work or relaxation. I’m excited to explore together how massage and yoga (and other types of movement) can complement each other, as it can enhance poses, balance, mobility and allow for a quicker recovery.

Last year I completed a course in classical, Swedish and deep tissue massage at a massage school in Eindhoven. These lay the foundation for my sessions, in which I work intuitively combining techniques.

When I was in Thailand at the start of this year, I learned Thai massage techniques that can be applied on a table. I love using these, creating a dynamic practice and incorporating breath to help connect mind and body.

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The Feminine Within

A month of Women Gathering

Sunday 10th 17th 24th & 31st of March

15:00 – 18:00

Dear sisters,

Do you feel called to go on a journey of self discovery within a container of sisterhood? We welcome you to a cycle of four Women’s circles happening over the course of one month. These intimate gatherings are dedicated to connecting deeper into our true embodiment, to discover for ourselves what the feminine within wants to teach us, tuning into our womb, our inner voice and rhythm. Let’s journey together into the wisdom of our cyclical nature and connect to our roots as women. Each gathering will be opened by a Cacao ritual, inviting the loving presence of the medicine of the heart, to support and guide us throughout the process. In each circle we will focus on the gifts of one season through creative exercises and practices. Unveiling the wisdom this season carries for us in our unique expression of it. We will learn to embrace the radiant beauty of our authentic selves from this place of introspection. It is an invitation to show up just as we are. To allow ourselves to be and share from our open hearts. All held within a safe container of honesty, tenderness and unconditional love. With so much love and excitement we are inviting you to join us to come together. In a community of women venturing into the feminine within.

To signup, or for any questions, reach out to us via email:

Cacao Ceremony Alysa Yoga

Light your fire

3rd version coming up later this year.
This is the time to discover and expand your SELF-LOVE and connect with your SEXUALITY. We will:

🔥 Have inspiring talks
🔥 Explore what empowers you
🔥 Connect with ourselves on a deeper level
🔥 Have delicious vegan snacks and tea
🔥 Find and enlighten your inner divine goddess and more!

Are you ready to empower yourself? Maybe you are on the path of self discovery or perhaps you are curious to unlock your own divine potential but aren’t sure how to. Come as you are and let us guide you

💗 Saara and Nadia

We offer workshops throughout the year to help deepen your practice and explore new areas of yoga. Our workshops are led by experienced teachers and cover a range of topics, from inversions and arm balances to mindfulness, meditation and empowerment. 

They provide a unique opportunity to learn from expert teachers, connect with other yogis, and take your practice to the next level.

Please note that spaces are limited and workshops fill up quickly, so we encourage you to sign up in advance.

We also offer special workshops and events on some occasions, so be sure to check our website regularly for updates and new offerings.

We look forward to sharing the transformative power of yoga with you at Alysa Yoga in Maastricht.

In the meantime….

Ashtanga led class

A dynamic and physically demanding style of yoga.

Back Bending vinyasa

A yoga flow that focuses on postures that involve arching the spine backwards

Dynamic Vinyasa

A style of yoga that emphasizes movement and flow.

Yin Yoga

A calmer form of yoga, which incorporates principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.