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We offer a safe and joyful atmosphere for everyone to come and practice Yoga together. Our studio is nestled in a charming old schoolbuilding, providing a unique and calming environment for your Yoga practice. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced Yogi, we have a wide range of classes to suit your needs. Come and join us on the mat and experience the benefits of Yoga. With our experienced instructors and peaceful atmosphere, we are sure that you will leave feeling relaxed, energized and rejuvenated.

Saara Ashtanga Yoga Maastricht
Ashtanga led class

A dynamic and physically demanding style of yoga.

Saara Backbending Yoga Maastricht
Back Bending vinyasa

A yoga flow that focuses on postures that involve arching the spine backwards

Saara Vinyasa Yoga Maastricht
Dynamic Vinyasa

A style of yoga that emphasizes movement and flow.

Saara Yin Yoga Maastricht
Yin Yoga

A calmer form of yoga, which incorporates principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine,

Maastricht Alysa Yoga

Yoga Blog

Diving deep within where the fear and the shame lives

Diving deep within where the fear and the shame lives

As I delve deeper into my inner world, I encounter a realm where fear and shame reside. It's a place where I face the realization that I cannot continue the relentless pace I've been maintaining. A place that demands rest, a slowing down, and an embrace of...

The playful spirit

The playful spirit

Hey everyone, In the hustle of an adult life, we often find ourselves caught up in a relentless cycle of responsibilities and obligations. We tend to shed our childlike sense of playfulness, trading it for a more serious and pragmatic approach to life.There lies a...

Embracing our inner seasons

Embracing our inner seasons

The world around us is a canvas of ever-changing seasons, each with its unique character and energy. Just as nature undergoes a continuous cycle of renewal, so too does our own inner world. As women, we possess a remarkable seasonal cycle, a symphony of hormones and...