As I delve deeper into my inner world, I encounter a realm where fear and shame reside. It’s a place where I face the realization that I cannot continue the relentless pace I’ve been maintaining. A place that demands rest, a slowing down, and an embrace of receptivity. A place where I yearn for the warmth of human connection, a comforting embrace.

For so long, I’ve identified myself as an active, achieving individual. Letting go of this protective shield feels daunting and overwhelming. What lies beneath? Who am I without the armor I’ve constructed?

 I carry a deep sense of shame associated with revealing this vulnerable aspect of myself. The authentic side that seeks rest, that yearns for a slower rhythm. Am I enough if I’m not constantly striving and accomplishing? Am I enough if I’m simply being? Is slowing down a sign of weakness in this fast-paced world?

 Yet, in exploration of this uncharted territory, I encounter a profound truth: these depths of fear and shame also hold the key to our truest selves. If we dare to dive deeper into them, we discover that these parts we shy away from, these embodiments of shame and fear, are also the wellsprings of our deepest gifts and beauty. We are not defined by our achievements or our constant striving. 

 Our worth lies in our very essence, in the authenticity that lies at the core of our being. It’s an invitation to embark on a journey of self-discovery, to tune into the whispers of our soul, and to follow the guidance of our body. The parts we fear or feel ashamed of are often reflections of our deepest cares, the aspects of ourselves we hold most dear. Yet, they also represent vulnerability, the potential for hurt. It’s in embracing these vulnerable places that we demonstrate true courage.

This is a journey of deep intimacy with ourselves, a willingness to embrace the totality of our being, with all its imperfections and complexities. It’s in this intimate space that we can truly connect with others, offering and receiving the same depth of connection, the kind where two souls meet, seen, heard, and felt.

 I am taking on this adventure to surrender into what is present in my body and soul. I am diving deeper to meet my authentic self in everything that she is.