Easter bake off! The goal was to try out gut friendly desserts. I am a sweet tooth. I love desserts and sugar in any kind of form. As I discovered couple months ago I have the IBS. Unfortunately for me I had to cut off the sugar from my diet. It is time to become creative!

In our Easter edition of bake off all the desserts are sugar, gluten and lactose free. ”Guilt free” desserts! 

Below you can see the baking menu.

– Banana bread with walnuts and little bit dark chocolate
– Carrot cake cupcakes with coconut frosting
– Blueberry cupcakes
– Chocolate brownie with banana, coconut flakes and almond butter
– Snickers with raw cacao, cashew nuts and almond butter.

– All of the bakings had pleasant, moist structure.  Banana made the banana bread sweet and the chocolate bits with walnuts gave it an exciting crunch. 
– Carrot cake cupcakes were rather sour, breakfast flavor and the coconut frosting gave them a fresh sweet coating. They tasted like a sunny spring day.
– Blueberry cupcakes were cheeky and fresh. The berry flavor made them juicy and very Nordic taste.
– Chocolate brownie is the queen of all the flavors. They were dark and full body experience. You only needed a small bite and it took your sweet graving edge off. Banana gave it a sweet flavor and coconut flakes gave it a little bit of extra crunch.
– Who wouldn’t love snickers? Home made chocolate bar. It had dark chocolate flavor, sweetness from almond butter and extra texture from cashews.

Can you imagine all of these recipes are healthy and guilt free? Let me know if you would like me to post the recipes in detail.  Being creative in baking and cooking is helping me in this new gut friendly journey. It is challenging to change the eating habits but I have discovered how much better I feel in so many ways when I do commit to the new life style. There is so many ways we can still enjoy cooking and baking (and eating!) even if we have diet restrictions. We can learn to be creative and enjoy the new way.

In this blog I will also share about my journey to healthier gut. Would you like to hear more about the recipes I’m testing out?

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend! What did you get up to?

Love Saara