Hey everyone, it is me again! Before I get to the business I would like to mention that I am sitting outside in the sun while I am writing this blog post.  The grass tickling underneath my bare feet, the D vitamin from the sun on my skin and the spring breeze blowing my hair makes me sight. Life is good!

Back to baking. It was my second time creating delicious ”guilt free” desserts. I am really enjoying baking. It makes me very mindful and it feels currently like an active meditation. Mixing, measuring and making a little mess as the chemistry makes the ingredients into a juicy art pease. If you catch me baking you will see me dancing in my apron.

This week I picked different recipes to try out. I added a fresh spring lemon flavor and of course safe, delicious raw cacao.  All the goodies were vegan, gluten-, and sugar free.

  1. Chocolate oatmeal brownie with raw cacao topping. The brownie had soft, lava cake like texture and the topping gave the brownie a deep, dark kick. Really nice dessert. I missed a little bit of a crunch. Next time I will add some walnuts to spicy it up.
  2. Lemon cake with a vegan lemon cream cheese topping. Oh my dear and hold your horses! This one was a mouth teaser good. No bake cake was made from nuts, dates, a little bit of oat milk and some love. The topping had a vegan cream cheese mixed with coconut flakes, little bit of oat milk, cashew nuts and flavor from a lemon skin and fresh lemon juice. YAM! 
  3. No bake snicker balls. The balls were made from nuts, chunk of almond butter, dates, raw chocolate chips with a hint of salt. Once the balls were firm in their form I created a chocolate coating mixing raw cacao, coconut oil and coconut flakes. Into the freezer they go. Easy and quick way to make dessert bites!

Baking is a fun way to be present in a moment and to try out new flavors. I am a sweet tooth and I love treating myself with tasteful goodness. I discovered baking because of my gut issues forced me to change my diet into a dairy-, gluten- and sugar free diet. Silver lining in everything; I found out I love baking! This way I can still treat myself and enjoy deliciousness while being healthy.

How do you treat yourself? Are you more into sweet or savory flavors? Share with me in the comments. I am looking forward to hear from you.