Hey everyone! Easter weekend is a good excuse to have a few extra days off to relax.
I spent my weekend by attending a Reiki healing session on Friday afternoon and joining Dennis’ Breath workshop on Saturday morning (I highly recommend for everyone to try it out!)
Combination with the Reiki session and the Breath workshop guided me into surrendering to receive.To let go of the control and trust the support from the others. The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual experience was intense yet freeing. 

Sunday I spent the whole day climbing outdoors. It was great way to end the intense healing weekend by connecting with the nature and my body. The mind could let go and enjoy the present moment.

I feel like there is a ”Spring cleaning” energy in the air. As I dust the studio space and mop the floors I also experience letting go in my body, mind and my heart. This weekend I connected some things within me that still needs attention and healing. Spring is an opportunity to let go, start with new energy and get ready for the sunnier days.
Everyone is waking up from their winter sleep. As the days are getting longer and mornings brighter. It feels easier to wake up and maintain the energy through out the day. Spring brings new creative ideas and hope. The dark days are behind us.

How are you feeling about the spring? What are you looking forward to? Let me know in the comments!

Love Saara