Ciao September! After a brief break in my creative writing, I’m delighted to be back. The Dutch weather is holding onto summer, surprising us with unexpected heat this September. The sun’s radiant energy is revitalizing, though I can’t help but daydream about leisurely sipping iced coffee by the river, basking in those soothing rays.

As the season transitions into autumn, many of us are returning to the rhythm of back-to-school and work. This time of year brings a mix of excitement and the subtle weight of approaching autumn and winter (ever so slowly). It’s an opportune moment to reflect on the adventures of the summer season.

Summer, with its vibrant energy, beckons us to explore, dance, partake in events, and embark on journeys. My own summer commenced in Portugal with a teacher immersion led by Ty Landrum. It was a month filled with profound insights, intense experiences, and wonder. Through lectures and practice, I dived deep into the world of yoga philosophy, enriching my understanding and asana practice.

However, like all remarkable experiences, this one also came with its share of challenges. (Hi ankle injury!) It tested physical and mental wellbeing. Practicing with a such injury wasn’t easy but it brought me those well needed life lessons. Being surrounded in such a healing environment made my experience as comfortable as it can get. 

Returning home after such an immersive month, I found myself grappling with low energy levels, health issues concerning my gut, and a noticeable dip in motivation. The desire to create and share what I had learned warred with my need to cocoon at home and rest.

It became an inner battle—an acceptance of my energy’s ebb and flow, coupled with the patience to await its return. Seeking solutions, I began working with bioresonance to heal my gut and improve my overall well-being. I’m pleased to report that it’s yielding positive results, with my energy gradually rising. 

With this renewed vitality, I once again find myself in the embrace of creativity and writing. My summer journey in Portugal and the subsequent period of reflection at home taught me to tap into my innate creativity and be connected to the present moment. I’ve learned to trust my intuition and allow the current to guide me.

I’m excited to channel this newfound energy into my creative pursuits, prioritizing my yoga practice. From there, I aim to impart the wisdom I’ve gained to my students in my classes. As autumn unfolds, I look forward to the changes and new adventures it promises.

Stay tuned to my blog for updates on this exciting journey of life. What treasures from your summer do you carry forward into this season of change?