Do you experience those moments when your body holds onto tension? Jaw clenching, shoulders tensing up? Frustration building up, making even the smallest things annoying? It feels like nothing goes right, accidents happen, and decisions backfire. We all have these “bad days” when challenging emotions make it hard to function normally. So, how do you cope with them?

Instead of reacting impulsively, it’s essential to take a breath and pause when faced with frustrating situations. Remember, those emotions are yours to manage, and the other person isn’t responsible for how you feel. Validating and acknowledging your frustration is crucial—it’s okay to experience these challenging emotions.

But what can you do with these feelings? It might seem easier to push them aside and distract yourself. Unfortunately, suppressing emotions only causes them to resurface later. Instead, cultivating awareness during challenging moments allows you to fully embrace your emotions. This practice brings you closer to your core, helps you understand your needs and boundaries.

The first step is to notice and be aware. Observe how you try to distract or judge yourself for feeling this way. Find a quiet space, whether at home or in nature, and give yourself permission to feel the frustration. How does it manifest physically? What thoughts run through your mind? Simply observe without judgment, although I know it’s easier said than done.

You may find your mind creating stories about yourself, others, or events. When you become aware of this, return to your center and fully embrace your feelings. There might be unmet needs, triggers from past experiences, or even unresolved traumas. By allowing these feelings to exist without resistance, they will pass more swiftly. Good friend of mine once said to me ”everything is temporary”. Embrace each feeling until it dissipates and welcome the next moment with an open heart!

Remember that we all have our share of bad days. It can feel like we’re the only ones going through tough times. Just the other day, I started off the morning on a good note, but as the day progressed, everything seemed to go downhill. I clumsily broke several things, and frustration built up within me. I found myself getting unreasonably angry at someone, and I knew it wasn’t fair. Afterwards, I felt terrible about my behavior.

In order to regain my mental balance, I decided to go home and engage in some therapeutic baking. I noticed the tension lingering in my body, realizing that I had been avoiding it. Setting my phone aside, I dedicated the evening to self-care. I embarked on a lengthy meditation session, welcoming and embracing all the frustrations that had accumulated. I observed the thoughts and sensations surrounding my body and heart without attempting to push them away. Instead, I allowed them to be present.

The following morning, I felt a greater sense of groundedness. Those feelings had begun to shift and move within me. Although they were still present, they no longer irritated me to the same extent. 

The path to self-discovery and emotional well-being through yoga can be grounding and tool to self observation.  I try to bring valuable insights and practices to help you navigate challenging emotions, cultivate awareness, and find inner peace. Join us on this transformative journey soon on the mat at Alysa Yoga, Maastricht!