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Saara Alysa | Timmo |Dennis

Saara Alysa

Growing up with a love for adventure and independence, I've always sought to follow my heart and go with the flow. This led me to pursue a career as a professional horse rider and ultimately brought me to the Netherlands. Along the way, I discovered the art of yoga and found that it allowed me to move with fluidity, be present in the moment, and gain a deeper understanding of my own needs.

In 2019, while climbing in the jungle in Thailand, I fell and injured my ankle. Though it was a difficult setback, I took it as an opportunity to slow down and reflect on where my path was taking me. This led me to pursue a 200-hour Ashtanga yoga teacher training, where I deepened my practice and found my true passion - guiding others to find their flow through yoga.

For me, yoga is about connecting the breath to movement and listening to my body in the present moment. It's about finding stillness and freedom at the same time. It's also about recognizing when I need to slow down and when I can challenge myself. Yoga has given me the confidence and courage to trust in my abilities and follow my dreams.

My mission is to bring joy through the practice of yoga and I would love to guide my students on their own journey to find their flow. Are you ready to join me on the mat and let the flow guide us?


Back in 2007 I was studying Biomolecular Sciences in Utrecht when yoga came on my path. To be honest, it did not capture me at once; only when I discovered Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga did I know this was what I wanted to do.

Thefollowing years I dedicated myself to the practice of Ashtanga Yoga. I travelled to Mysore in India several times to learn the nuances of the intricate sequence. And I also did my two Yoga Teacher Trainings in India: in 2017 Hatha Yoga Therapy (300hrs) and in 2019 Prana Vidya Intensive (300hrs).

Nowadays the scope of my yoga practicereaches beyond that of just Ashtanga yoga. Over the years, my practice has become more diverse, more open to the completereach of yoga. With that, my practice and also my attitude towards myself have become softer.

As of present, I adjust my practice to my personal needs and to those of my students: from the powerful and dynamic Ashtanga to the calm Yin, the more subtle pranayama and anything in between, like Do-In Yoga.

Besides teaching yoga, I have my own clinic as a Shiatsu Therapist and Breath Coach called KIEM Praktijk here in Maastricht. You can check:www.kiempraktijk.nlor follow me on Instagram @kiempraktijk
Within all these different disciplines that I workwitI take the breath as the common thread throughout it all.

Hope to see you soon on the mat during one of my Yoga classes or for one of my breathwork sessions!




"You follow instructions well when you're upside down. You should try acro yoga." Three years ago this is how I was introduced to the beautiful discipline that is acro yoga. 

At the time I was living in Namibia. I had just finished studying and had plenty of time on my I practiced this new sport and fell even deeper in love with it. Shortly afterwards I moved to Cologne. Acro has the power to build community and that was proven now. I met many amazing teachers and friends, and deepened my practice. It wasn't my place to settle though.

In November of 2021 I moved to Maastricht where a small and enthusiastic acro community was just beginning to grow. I was welcomed with open arms and since that day we've watched our little community grow. 

If you want to join our little tribe of enthusiastic and compassionate movers, come and attend my classes. You'll learn principles and tricks that will allow to you play with other acro yogis wherever you go.